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Now Serving ALL Entertainment Muses, from all communities. Come in, sit down, start a riot.

This is RIOT BOX, a home outside of home for muses of the entertainment industry. Once the most controversial community in this genre - mostly just a hangout now.

Muses need a place where they can just be themselves; a place where they can rant, rave, bitch, chat, meet people, be random - whatever they damn well like, whenever they choose. RIOT BOX was created to be the social medium between every roleplay community, and after breaching the barriers and setting a new standard for muses, that's what it is.

So take a stand, show what a muse is worth. Start a RIOT.

✖ ✖ ✖

01 No characters. This is a community for muses. There's a difference between what is it to be a muse and a character Blah blah, this rule doesn't matter as much as it used to. Basically if you have a problem with the notion of a "muse", go away.

02 Muns are allowed unless they bring mun drama with them. If you're a mun, feel free to interact with the muses, but keep in mind that muns are the minority here.

03 This community is uber and should be taken as such. Homeless muses are more than welcome and encouraged to join so they can interact with people.

04 We don't censor here, but use your brain. If you're causing shit that people are complaining to us about, you're gonna go.

05 Advertising within RIOT BOX is no longer allowed, there are other places for that. The exception to this is uber community ads. The other exception is an actual thought-out post asking people to join your awesome or lonely home if you're a muse (obviously) and a member of such. Also, anyone can affiliate with us.

The mods don't babysit. If you need a mod's attention, you're gonna have to contact them.

Special thanks to our anarchist founders of RIOT BOX: RIOTSTAR & CHAOSTIME.